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Aruba Switch Provision via ZTP (Airwave)



I am provisioning Aruba 24 and 48 ports switches via Airwave ZTP. Everything is working as expected but Airwave doesn't provide the option to select the template for 24 or 48 ports switch rather it only ask for switch series. Due to this I am unable to provision 24 and 48 ports switch together using a different template. Is there any solution or workaround available?

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Re: Aruba Switch Provision via ZTP (Airwave)

Are you able to create a seperate folder for different set of configurations?

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Re: Aruba Switch Provision via ZTP (Airwave)

All the configuration is same except the port numbers where 24 port switch configuration contains configuraiton for 24 ports and 48 port switch includes 48 port switch configuration. 


If I configure the different group for different set of configuration that may not work as single site may have mix of both (24 and 48) and DHCP option 43 will provide the same group.



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