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Get list of all down APs outside Airwave


I need to access some real time data from Airwave outside the Airwave environment eg. list of all down APs, loaded into another website (NMS).


I thought of a simple HTTP GET request:

I dont want the whole airwave page loaded into my other website, so when requesting all down APs in Airwave i found the request behind the scenes that produces all data as json:



So far so good... However this gives me troubles with authentication and also I am refused to display data from outside Airwave "because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'SAMEORIGIN'"

Edit: Is it possible to get the list in jsonp data format instead of json? This way i may bypass the X-origin policy with my AJAX request


Is it possible to change the access control header from the server?


I also tried to set  up a trigger when an AP goes down/up, and then send a SNMP Trap to the NMS. However this only tells me that an AP went down/up and it does not produce a list of all down APs. It would be a painful workaround to set up rules in my NMS to compute whether or not a specific AP is down right now based on the traps.


Airwave seems like a pretty closed environment, so is my approach wrong, or is it impossible right now?

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Re: Get list of all down APs outside Airwave

Hi Friend,


Airwave won't send any list of down AP information to external NMS , it will trigger an alert when AP goes down and forward it to NMS or email.
If you want to know the down AP list, then you need to filter the output at NMS side. 
Please feel free for any further query on this.
Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Get list of all down APs outside Airwave

You can access the PostgresSQL database via SSH on AirWave.


This query gives a list of AP's and its status:


dbc "select device_config_name, is_up from ap"



You might be able to access the PostgresSQL database remotely if you change the Postgres config...


The database-structure might change in new updates, beware of this.

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Re: Get list of all down APs outside Airwave

in new updates, you will need to modify the pg_hba file to allow outside connections.

We do it where we monitor APs from the database to present to a dashboard for clients.

It can be done
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Re: Get list of all down APs outside Airwave

Hi all three.

Thanks for your suggestions! I will dig into it in soon future and return with my final solution.


Your answers were much appreciated.


Re: Get list of all down APs outside Airwave

Is there a reason for not leveraging the existing XML APIs?  You should be able to do something like:




And then you can parse that xml data to just show whichever data you're really after.

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