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Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave



I am pretty new to airwave and i have some trouble getting it to work properly with IAP's.


I have two main problems. When trying to upgrade firmware version on the IAP's it fails. The IAP goes down, saying "applying new firmware" but it gets stuck there and does not come up again unless i remove the firmware upgrade job. I also have a problem with some of the configuration mismatching. This is the message i get in AP Events:


Fri Feb 28 10:22:24 2014    Configuration status changed to 'Configuration contains invalid commands'    System


Also one of the mismatches in the configuration on all IAP's are "virtual-controller-country US ". I don't know why it is trying to push that since the timezone on the group is set to UTC+1, and the country in the AMP is set to Norway.


AMP version: 7.7.9 (had the same problems in 7.7 and 7.8)

IAP version: and (two different groups)


The IAP's sit behind a NAT firewall and the AMP has a public ip behind a router (no NAT)



Thanks for any help.

Re: Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave

Hi Olav,


I've seen something similar to this. What Instant version are you trying to upgrade from? Earlier versions of the Instant code could only upgrade over HTTP, rather than HTTPS like the newer versions. Do you have a transparent FW in front of the AMP server? If so, could you try opening port 80 to see if that helped?


Let me know how that goes - thanks!




Re: Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave

Open a case with support as there's several logs that you'll need to check to track down the issue.


For Firmware upgrade:

1) Are the VC entries in monitor or management state?  If in monitor only state, is AMP setup allow firmware upgrades in monitor only enabled?

2) How are the firmware images being populated? (from Aruba Activate cloud or manual upload?)

3) How is firmware upgrade being pushed?  From individual VC manage page or from bulk modify page or from group firmware enforce?

4) Check /var/log/firmware_enforcer log

5) Check the ap event logs (/var/log/ap/<ap_id_of_VC>/event.log)


For template mismatch:

1) What's the actual template showing?  Template is built off of first VC in the group.

2) Perhaps restrict the current template to a version that's not currently being used to create a new template.

3) Check the ap config logs (/var/log/ap/<ap_id_of_VC>/config.log)


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Re: Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave

Trying to upgrade from and Yes it is a transparent firewall in front of the AMP. Port 80 is already open.

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Re: Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave

I'm using the "Enable Instant GUI Config" btw. Seems to be very buggy.... Maybe i should revert to use templates instead.

Re: Having some trouble managing IAP's with airwave

Hi Olav,


I would recommend that you setup the configuration the way that you would like it on the Instant, import that as a template, and then enable the Instant GUI. The GUI is getting better, but the method I just mentioned should give you a better result for the time being.





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