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How find 'problem' causing clients get disconnected in AMP report?

Hi we hvae to find why in busy weekends, iPads are being unable to connect to WiFi in couple of stores..


It seems they are being kicked off WiFi for some reason, while during the week there is no problem. It can be because IAP103 in each store is too busy.. but they must be connected because they ar eused for payment.


The POS WiFi is a different one then the Guest WiFi and or operaitons WIFi. 


Is there a specific reportings we can use for finding abiout why clients are being kicked off and ubale to connect?


AppRF for example is enabled on IAP103 

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Re: How find 'problem' causing clients get disconnected in AMP report?

AMP collects and reports information at 5 minute intervals.  What is happening could be happening between those intervals.


What you can do is look on the access point's radios and see how high the Utilization is during the time when the disconnects happen.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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