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Zero touch provisioning on third party switches

Good day,


Is there a nice list out there of third party vendor switches that can be zero touch provisioned from Airwave?



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Re: Zero touch provisioning on third party switches

We do provide few third party vendor devices full/partial support in AMP.


Airwave server supported guide proivdes  list of third party controller/switch devices support information.





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Re: Zero touch provisioning on third party switches

Thank you for the response.

I have viewed the document you have provided, but the question is, can you zero-touch provision a different switch from Aruba's? Plug & play functionality. I didn't find such information in the document, could you help me understand if I am correct?


"Third-Party Vendor Devices

AirWave provides basic monitoring and, in some cases, management of the third-party vendor devices listed below. The following section describes the features, and provides the list of supported devices and firmware versions"


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Re: Zero touch provisioning on third party switches

Few third party devices have managment support aswell in Airwave. In Aruba case, if we have activate subscritpion we could do zero touch provision but in case of third party vendor. plug and play does not work, either you have to add the devices manually or CSV or using discovery method.

Default device will be discovered in new device list in Airwave, since you want to push the configuration automatically, we could enable automatic authorization  in airwave and set proper folder/group where we have global configuration template.


Once switch get discovered automatically swtich move to respective group/folder and the configuration will get pushed.


Note: We need to make sure device will added in manage mode only so that conifguration will get pushed.

In AMP Setup > General page, we have automatic authoriziation section where we need to enable below settings



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