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802.1x not working on windows XP

Hi Guys, Good Morning We have implement a 802.1x with AD as authentication source. With works on windows 7 with a certificate gave by the client ( entrust) When we try to connect to this network on windows XP nothing happens.. I tried to configure manualy the network but the windows xp client does not connect.. I think the windows xp is too old for this settings....;) we are triying this is Nortel Wlan adapters 2202. IS this too old for work with 802.1x and the certificates? Regards
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Re: 802.1x not working on windows XP

That WLAN adapter is from 2004.  Even if it did support 802.1x, most likely it is underpowered and would not provide good performance using encryption.  I would avoid it.


Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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