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Captive Portal self registration Mobile number only - No Username

Hi folks,


One of our customers is asking for a certain workflow for Guest portal self registration as follows:


  • Client connects to Guest SSID.
  • Client gets redirected to Captive portal.
  • Captive Portal has only one entry for Mobile number which the client has to enter
  • Client should click Register to be redirected to another page which shows a field for password which is supposed to be sent by SMS (SMS should have only password and no username)
  • Once the Client receives the password, he should be able to login to the network by only password.

The infrastructure is: 2xAruba 7205 Ctrls + 2xCP-HW-5K Platform running 6.5.3.


What i was able to accomplish is:

1. I created a Self Registration page on clearpass that has only one field for Mobile number

2. Used the URL for this page in controller L3 configuration which the Client will get once he access the Guest SSID

3. Customized the SMS receipt to contain only a password which is auto generated

4. The Authentication method is password+username in the self registration page configuration and no further check is required.


I'm not able to get a way for the client to enter only a password and get full access from there. I also tried the Authentication option of Access Code, but it requires a local user to be pre-configured and this is not the requirement.


In Simple words, customer wants to make the registration very simple where the client enters only a mobile number --> receives a password --> login --> up on the Internet.!


Any ideas?


Re: Captive Portal self registration Mobile number only - No Username

I have done this for many years and it's failry straigt-forward.

You still use the default Username field, but change the text to "Cellphone".


There are probably an easier way to do this, but I haven't had to research it since this has worked since the Amigopod days :).. The default password field is always pre-filled in the default receipt form. What I did was copy the html elements needed from the receipt page, then checked the "Do not include the Guest receipt contents". Then I entered the html <form elements needed which is basically username with value of


, password type tet-field, mac -adress and some more fields needed and the submit button.


That way I got the username pre-filled, and the user only had to enter the password to login..



Or - you can remove the password field and login button from the Receipt form, and add a link to the login page.. You can send username as a field to that loginpage in the url like 


to prevent them from having to input that again.. That adds one extra page to navigate, but thats a but easier than doing html if you're not comfortable with that.

John Solberg

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Aruba Employee

Re: Captive Portal self registration Mobile number only - No Username

Awesom, Thanks a lot. I have done the first solution earlier and was searching the community for JS code and i found one, i'll try yours as well.

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