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Change IP Address of RADIUS Clearpass Server

Hello, we have two Aruba 7210 controllers in a master-local setup and a Clearpass box acting as the RADIUS server for our WPA/WPA2 enterprise SSID.  Users can sign on with their AD credentials.  I'd like to change both the data and mgmt IP of our Clearpass/RADIUS server but make no other changes (not changing the cert, not changing any other settings other than pointing the 7210 controllers to the new RADIUS server IP).  The new Clearpass IPs are in the same subnet(s).  Just curious if this change will affect my wifi clients in any way?  Will they be re-prompted for a new cert or anything like that?  Thanks.  I just don't want to be blindsided by some unforeseen issue.

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Re: Change IP Address of RADIUS Clearpass Server

You can just change the IPs on both ClearPass and the controller. Just make sure any firewall rules in the network reflect the changes. 

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Re: Change IP Address of RADIUS Clearpass Server

802.1x does not depend on the IP address of the 802.1x server UNLESS you have the IP address of your radius server specified in the validate server certificate portion of your client configuration.

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Re: Change IP Address of RADIUS Clearpass Server

Thank you, as always, Colin & cappalli.  

After changing both the data and mgmt IPs to different IPs in the same subnet it appears wifi clients can still connect without issue or re-prompt.  Thanks again.

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