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Clearpass / Airgroup Issues

Clearpass 6.7.0 / AOS 8.3.0

I believe I have AOS / Airgroup setup correctly:

Configured under managed node (contains two clustered controllers)

Distributed mode, RFC 3576 / AAA servers pointing to CPPM. Default-allowall service. Forced Registration is enabled.
I see the CPPM entries and appropriate servers and users in the various Airgroup diag commands. 

CPPM: I enabled Airgroup service, I see successful requests coming across. I added the particular device to test with (as admin). I shared it with a user that is not logged on anywhere on the network. 


1. I logged into the network as a different .1X user. I can still see every mDNS device. (even when force registration is on) including the one that I registered.

2. Logging into the .1X network with the user I shared the device, I can see every device.

It was my understanding that if I enable "AirGroup server enforce registration", then no devices should be visible to anyone.. It's like the controllers are 'viewing' the requests, but are not enforcing anything.

Re: Clearpass / Airgroup Issues

You should consider upgrading to 6.7.4 , allow all services doesn’t mean you are allowing all the services means that it will advertise services you didn’t configured

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Re: Clearpass / Airgroup Issues

I have 6.7.4 downloaded. I just haven't installed it.

To your point though, if I only have allowAll service enabled then I definitely shouldn't be able to see other devices such as chromecast, correct?

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Re: Clearpass / Airgroup Issues

AirGroup in centralized mode is currently broken in

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: Clearpass / Airgroup Issues

Is distributed ok then? That's what I'm using.

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