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Cluster upgrade 6.6.1

We have a publisher and subscriber for CPPM. We are looking at doing the update from 6.6.0 to 6.6.1. I understand that it will take about 2 hours from start to finish. My question is when I am updating the publisher, do the users go over to the subscriber and then back to the publisher once it is back up and running? I want to know if for the 2 hours that users will be able to use the guest wireless during the time.

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Re: Cluster upgrade 6.6.1

You might want to have a read of my cluster technote....find it here....


But to your Q's - The 2-hours depends heavily on the size of your DB's. In the 6.6.1 release notes is a section with a few use-cases to provide some guidance on timings.


Users don't 'go-over', once they are authenticated. It will depend on how your NAS's are setup. IF say a switch/Ctrl is has a primary NAS as A and secondary of B then assuming the capabilities in AS A support fall-through you should be good... you might thave the ability to have a VIP between the two boxes then it makes it easier as the VIP will 'move' to the SUB [assuming L2 domain] when the PUB is down so NAS just goes to same IP all the time.... it depends heavily on CPPM clustering, how your NAS is configured and the capabilities of the NAS. 

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