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Distributing OnGuard agent via Captive Portal

Hello all.


I have a clearpass installation where I need to distribute the persistent agent to users via the captive portal.  I have configured a web login form with auto login, and the wireless controller successfully redirects users to the page.  I have configured "Require a successful OnGuard health check", however on the drop down list there's no option to select persistent agent.  My only options are "Native Agents Only", "Native Agents with Java Fallback" and "Java only".


My question is how do I configure a captive portal page to distribute the persistent agent? 

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Re: Distributing OnGuard agent via Captive Portal

Just add links to the installers.

<>.exe> /agent/installer/windows/ClearPassOnGuardInstall.exe

<>> /agent/installer/mac/ClearPassOnGuardInstall.dmg

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