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Epson Receipt Printer on Clearpass

I'm trying to set up an Epson receipt printer on an IAP SSID protected by ClearPass authentication.  I've been able to get iPod Touch devices onboarded and connected using EAP-TLS, now I'm struggling with this device.  It has to be configured via USB, and there are sections for certificates, but there doesn't seem to be an interactive way to onboard it. Any ideas? Anybody have experience with this?

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Re: Epson Receipt Printer on Clearpass

Android, iOS, Windows, and Apple devices can be onboarded.  All onboarding is done via the ClearPass web page.


I don't believe it's possible to manually create a certificate if you're using the ClearPass as your CA.  However, if you have another CA, then you could issue a certificate that way.  Correct me if I wrong, someone...

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Re: Epson Receipt Printer on Clearpass

Does the printer have an option to generate a CSR?

How about a private key import?

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