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Guest Network on 7005 stops working

I have a 7005 controller that I have 2 SSIDs, company & companyguest.

company always works.

The company guest uses captive portal, which seems like it only works in the morning.

I do have a time policy to deny nights and weekends, but I've disabled it and nothing changes.

So my test laptop can connect using the captive portal, access the internet and after an undetermined period of time it can no longer access websites. It still has a valid IP, can still ping for example, but http doesn't work. I even have a policy for all/all allow right now.

This is my first attempt on configuring a controller. And I have very limited experience with Aruba in general.

Any ideas?


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Re: Guest Network on 7005 stops working

Your problem is sort of open-ended.  Without seeing your logs and configuration, we would not know where to start....

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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