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Guests stuck in logon role

Hoping for help here - I have a customer with Dell branded 3400 controller whose guests are in the logon role. The SSID is PSK and there is no PEFNG license on the controller.

A "show user IP x.x.x.x" shows that they are authenticated and associated. There are lots of MIC failure messages in the log - customer of course assures us that nothing has changed - any ideas.

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Re: Guests stuck in logon role

It seems it is back working - probably a firewall issue (which is also the DG) - so, without a PEFNG license do guests in the logon role just get full access when they've passed PSK authentication?

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Re: Guests stuck in logon role

"Roles" are not really significant without a PEF license.  Any user who does PSK should get full access.  The only exception is doing captive portal without a PEFNG license

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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