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Re: [HowTo] Auto-Sponsor with Clearpass Guest

Well, i'm back again with the same issue...i don't know if i'm missing something, or the whole thing is so unstable, but i'm back with the same behaviour: can't get mac caching service triggered most of the time...only if i don't apply ALL the timeout profiles, including MAC caching session timeout, it behaves near expected, but the controller says it's a web auth session going on, even  after rebooting the client ...


Does anybody has a detailed document that could be shared to check against my own config??? now i'm doubtful about everything, including controller configuration, clearpass guest selfregistration forms, fields and so on...even how clearpass is managing date and epoch, with timezone different from the reference, is suspicious now to me...

i'm missing something for sure...


Thank you very much in advance,


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Re: [HowTo] Auto-Sponsor with Clearpass Guest


I have a problem with SMTP

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