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Issue with Guest Web Login terms and conditions page



One of my customers has a peculiar requirement for the T&Cs page.

When browsing from the web login page to the self-registration one, they (both registration and receipt) open on the same tab.


However, when a guest clicks on the terms and conditions page, this opens in a new tab.


This wouldn't be a big deal, but this customer uses a third party app to manage wireless connections on their corporate desktops and the new tab is not displayed.


Is there a way to force the T&Cs on both the web login and self-reg page to be opened in the same tab as opposed to a new one?



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Re: Issue with Guest Web Login terms and conditions page



You can manualy add a link like so that would open in the same tab.


<a href="http://<terms and condiotions URL">Terms and Conditions</a>




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Re: Issue with Guest Web Login terms and conditions page

I also have a customer requesting that the T's and C's go into a scrollable box directly on the register page.  The guest user has only to check the box accepting them and then they're allowed to login.


I can easily ad a link to the TC's page, but checking to see if what they want is currently an option.



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