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Roles in Controller



kindly provide the suitable answer of following question.


Question -1 How many Role created on Controller.


1-  the same number as SSIDs

2-  as many as necessary

3- One less then the number of firewall Polices

4- the same number as firewall polices


Question-2  when the barcode scanner connect to AP,  then what is the 1st role assign to.


1- MAC authentication Defualt Role

2-Server Derived Role

3-Initial Role

4-802.1x Default Role.


kindly provide the suitable answer of above question. actuall i am preparing for ACMP exam.

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Re: Roles in Controller

You can find answers to the above questions in Campus VRD available at


Going through the VRD will help you prepare for your ACMP as well as ACMX. 


Best of Luck ! 



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Re: Roles in Controller

I am quite curious about your 2nd question. So when the barcode scanner is connected, can I manually assign the 1st role to MAC authentication Defualt Role?

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Re: Roles in Controller

The last page of the troubleshooting document here: has a role derivation flowchart that determines the order authenticatons take place.


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