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SMS Guest receipt

Hello, in clearpass Guest self register mode, is there any possibility to send the credentials for the guest user into the sms receipt in an url format, that will allow the user to login to the network by clicking to this url, instead of to have to redirect to the login page and then introduce the credentials in user and password format?

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Re: SMS Guest receipt

Yes, you can do this by edit the SMS Receipt template


Username: {$u.username|escape}
Password: {$u.password|escape}
{if $u.expire_time > 0}Expires: {$u.expire_time|nwadateformat:"iso-8601"|escape}{/if}


make sure you are connected to the <SSID name> wifi network then click the below link:

https://<FQDN>/guest/<Register page name>_login.php.php?username={$u.username|rawurlencode}&password={$u.password|rawurlencode}"


and then when the user receive the SMS he can just click this link and he will be login automatically.



Mahmoud Refaat


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Re: SMS Guest receipt

Thanks a lot , i will try it on customer and let you know.

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