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Stateless Firewall policy?

Hi forum!


Anyone used stateless firewall policy on AOS  I found some documentation for the mobility switches, not the controllers.


I got an issue where I believe I am losing state.  Replies are getting dropped by my drop and log rule, normally I would expect the state to be tracked and the return pakcets permitted.  I guess I would have like this feature to, at least, eliminate the state loss from the picture.


I appreciate this is unusual - also I am reluctant to change a gobal setting.  Anyone got any ideas?  I mean does a permit "ip any any" still exibit state tracking?  I am building a "test silo" in paralell to my production silo,but not enough hours in the day etc :)



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Re: Stateless Firewall policy?

So, what is your policy and what are you trying to do?  That will determine your course of action.

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