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Unprintable characters in the password



I have a question regarding allowed characters in passwords. Is there any limitation in ClearPass or Aruba OS that do not allow language specific characters in passwords?

I have users in Sweden using Swedish characters åäö and ÅÄÖ in their passwords. Ok, that's maybe not what I would recomment, but these users are students in schools and have not yet understood the problems related to characters outside the american character set.


I get this error message in ClearPass Action tracker:

Error Code:
Error Category:
RADIUS protocol
Error Message:
Wrong shared secret
 Alerts for this Request  
RADIUSEDUC - Bind as user failed
PAP: Authentication failed
Unprintable characters in the password. Check the shared secret on the server and the NAS.


ClearPass is version 6.2.1




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Re: Unprintable characters in the password

Have you checked the shared secret on the Device entry in ClearPass and on the device itself.

I usually get that message when I mismatch the device shared-key -- I get a wholly different error with bad user-passwords.


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Re: Unprintable characters in the password

Sorry for not mention that information. Authentication for all other accounts with passwords without Swedish special characters works fine.


If I try with a bad password on one of the accounts thats authenticates OK, I get the normal bad password error message. It's just if the password has "unprintable" characters I get this strange error message.




Re: Unprintable characters in the password

Had this same issue recently with 6.5.5 code trying to do admin login to Cisco switch via RADIUS request to Clearpass. Turns out the shared key on the switch was incorrect, same password but one letter was not captial when it should have been. Corrected it and everything worked fine, it had nothing to do with the actual user account that was logging in.

Michael Haring
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