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Why is ubuntu asking for private key for TLS cert?

Hi Forum,


I'm trying to manually onboard an ubuntu machine by creating the cert on clearpass and export that client cert and install it on the end device.

When I enable dot1x on the ubuntu settings (see attached) the machine is asking my for "private key" and password. I'm not sure what those are or how to get them.


Has anyone seen this before?! 

Oh and I can leave them blank. I need a value/file there or else the save button is graied out.

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Re: Why is ubuntu asking for private key for TLS cert?

In order to use a certificate, the client must have the private key. When exporting the certificate from ClearPass, you'll be prompted for the format. You should export a p12/pfx key pair and set the private key protection password to a strong value. You would then use that when importing in Ubuntu.

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