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create a portal for disable user in enpoint db



ii need create a portal for disable user in enpoint db


can you help me

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Re: create a portal for disable user in enpoint db



If you already have a captive portal configured on clearpass, you are already sending back rejections to users who do not pass authentication.  Your only option is to:


1.  Create an HTML page on the Aruba Controller , or ClearPass with your message

2.  Create a Captive Portal Authentication profile on the Aruba Controller that has the URL of the controller's or the ClearPass page as the "Login Page" URL

3.  Create a role that has the Captive Portal ACL attached and configure the Captive Portal Authentication profile as the profile you created in step 2

4.  When your users fail authentication in ClearPass, send back an "accept" in the enforcement profile but also send back and Aruba-User-Role VSA as the name of the role you created in step 3 on the controller.


When the user opens up a browser to see what happened, they will get the reject page you created in step#1.  Not pretty and there are better ways to do it, but this is just to get you started.


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