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10 New Cool Features IAP v4.0GA Brings to Cloud WiFi

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

The GA release of Instant AP v4.0 brings distributed enterprises and managed service providers the following cool features and functionality:

1) Link Aggregation:  If LACP is enabled on the switch, then the IAP 225 automatically configures and enables LACP PDU in the two gigabit ethernet uplink ports (more than enough to handle the data rate for 802.11ac Wave 1).
2) Spanning Tree Protocol: STP enabled on the RAP3 and RAP155 access point prevents someone from plugging a laptop into an AP (while connected via WiFi) and creating broadcast storm.
3) Client Match: Cloud WiFi now intelligently steers clients to the best radio in the IAP cluster.  This means predicable performance, zero touch optimized client load, and reduced IT involvement.
4) Analytics and Location Engine Integration: the virtual controller on a Cloud WiFi cluster can send associated and unassociated client information to ALE server, as well as Virtual Controller details, AP table, and radio table.  This allows for customized and tight integration with a wide array of analytics providers.   
5) Whitelist Domains for App Stores: Since many captive portal networks need to access Google Play, Apple Apps, or Amazon, Cloud WiFi APs can now whitelist per domain (not just IP) via login roles.
6) Palo Alto Integration: Cloud WiFi APs now integrate with Palo Alto's User-ID system, allowing logon/logout messages to include a username with each IP address.
7) Guest Management Access:  Instead of having to give someone unfettered admin access simply to see guest users, now an admin can create a guest account that can only see guests logged in (not the IAP’s administrative features).
8) Customized MAC address format:  Admins can now customize MAC formats to ensure proper RADIUS authentication.
9) Proxy Server Support: IAPs can allow HTTP/HTTPS/FTP traffic to flow through an external proxy server.
10) Certificate-based Authentication:  For service providers requiring more secure AP-to-management communication (beyond just pre-shared secret keys), Instant APs can now use signed Komodo, Geotrust, or Google Public Internet Authority to authenticate to Airwave.
To unlock these cool new features, grab the correct IAP v4.0 image from
NOTE: If individually upgrading IAPs, be sure to grab the right AP image:

Orion: RAP3, IAP92/93, IAP104/105, IAP175
Cassiopeia: IAP134/135
Pegasus: RAP108/109, IAP114/115
Aries: RAP155/155P
Ardmore: IAP224/225

Can you tell me more about this?

Palo Alto Integration: Cloud WiFi APs now integrate with Palo Alto's User-ID system, allowing logon/logout messages to include a username with each IP address.


We have a few clients which dont have aruba but have Palo Alto(clients of us but with other brands rather than palo alto and aruba)

The thing is that i dont know anything about Palo Alto and i would like to know how it benefits the client having this integration?

It is possible that you guys can give me a better deeper description of it for someone that does not know anything of PAlo Alto Features?




Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Carlos, we're putting together some upcoming blogs which go into this in more detail (including config and troubleshooting examples).




Pleae message me when you got the info available!!

With the config and troubleshooting please also add an easy explanation for the ones that does not manage  Palo Alto.  I want to clearly understand what can we do so we can offer it!




Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

Carlos, shoot me an email with your contact info:

Occasional Contributor II

Help me please,

We use IAP105 and Airwave. I have upgrading IAP105 to last release, after that I have configured an external proxy server and we can't navigate. Only IAP105 can connect to Aruba Server. Could you tell me need to configure.


Luis Bedregal

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