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Apple iOS 8 WiFi Scanning Returns!

Guest Blogger

I was monitoring my feeds when I seen an interesting tweet about WiFi scanning and iOS 8 by @WLANbook. As you know to get WiFi scanning capability on an iOS device you need to jailbreak the device. I'm happy to report WiFi scanning is back ! This doesnt mean you will see thrid party apps. But it's better then nothing.




How do you turn it on ?


1) Download the Apple AirPort Utility from the Apple Store 







2) Settings —> AirPort Utility

     A) Enable Wi-Fi Scanner










3) Click on AirPort Utility App

     A) Click on Wi-Fi Scan

     B) Click Scan










 5) You can click on a specific WLAN to return logged scan results 











Aruba Employee

Seems to be scaning in the 2.4GHz band only. If that's the case, usefulness is limited. 

Guest Blogger

Hello Albert,


I am able to scan 5 GHz. See attached.. Are you not able to ?


2014-09-23 22.23.08.png

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