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Get Your Network Ready for the 1:1 Initiative – Q&A

Aruba Employee
Aruba Employee

A compilation of the Aruba and CDW webinar Get Your Network Ready for the 1:1 Initiative Q&A is now available. Thanks to all who joined the webinar. A copy of the presentation is available. Here is a recording of the presentation on Aruba's website. If you have any questions, please post them here in the comments section.


Questions Asked by Attendees


Q: How is this different than other controllerless architectures?

A: Unlike other architectures, Aruba is focused on brining our 12+ years of RF experience and features to the controllerless market. We focus on making RF and security work, which is how are controllerless APs have advanced so quickly in comparison to other vendors. Additionally, you don’t need any management software to bring up an IAP, other solutions require their “cloud controller” to boot a single AP. Finally, if you decide that a controller is what you need, even after the APs are installed, a simple software change allows you to use that controller without touching any of the APs.


Q: I believe you offer a lifetime warranty?  What does this mean specifically?

A: You can find a detailed description of Aruba’s lifetime warranty at


Q: How do you identify BYOD devices vs. school owned clients?

A: There are many ways to do this. One mechanism is to run your school owned devices with certificates, and either captive portal or username and passwords on 802.1X for personal devices. This would easily let you know which devices are which by authentication type. You could also check by device type, such as if you are an all Dell shop, an Apple Mac would clearly be a personal device.


Q: Where can I get more info on LanSchool?

A: Aruba recently did a webinar with LanSchool, you can find a slide deck and a recording of the call at



Q: So, if I want to manage many different AP's or entire network, I need to purchase AirWave?

A: No. AirWave provides better scale and an easier way to manage a network, including historical data and troubleshooting, but it is completely possible to manage IAPs without any additional management software.


Q: Is there an ongoing license that needs purchased with say the AP-105 if going controllerless?

A: IAPs do not require licensing when operation without a controller. If you decide to later convert the IAP to a controller based AP you will need to purchase the appropriate licenses for the AP.


Q: Does aruba provide a site survey?

A: Aruba does not generally provide site survey as a service, though CDW does offer this service to its customers. We have produced a guide on performing site surveys, which compares and contrasts software vs. physical site surveys, and how to perform the survey.  This and many other deployment guides are available for free on our pubic website at Additionally for customers with a support contract you can download our free VisualRF Plan tool to perform software site surveys of your location.


Q: Can Aruba AP's be intergrated with existing wireless networks? Or would the entire infrastructure need to be changed to Aruba?

A:  Aruba’s recommendation is to keep the networks separated by at least floor, and preferably building. Our adaptive radio management (ARM) automatically sets channel and power for the APs, and steers client devices to the most appropriate AP. This system cannot integrate with other systems, so you will likely have inconsistencies of support in a mixed environment where the APs are interspersed.

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I got a question regarding thie warranty

If you buy the support for the AP or the controller you get the next day support i mean the arubacare(which comes by default for one year)


If you dont buy it then you get the limited warranty and it can take a while before you get your AP?


If i buy arubacare next day support does aruba can replace it with refurbished product? or this just apply to limited lifetime warranty.








Whether you have ArubaCare or not (and rely on the limited lifetime warranty), an RMA'ed product can be replaced with a refurbished one.


As far as AP replacement is concerned, the only difference with or without ArubaCare support is in the time it takes to replace a failing unit. ArubaCare includes next-business-day replacement.


Thanks for the information!!!! :)

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