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Two days' battery life from the Galaxy Nexus, with only 3% due to Wi-Fi


Three observations from this screenshot (assuming we can trust the native battery monitor in Android 4.0.4)…


  1. The Galaxy Nexus battery can last for 48 hours with light use.
  2. Even when always-on, the Wi-Fi radio took only 3% of battery energy.
  3. By comparison, the cellular radio took 3x the energy of the Wi-Fi radio.


A little fine print:  I don’t make or receive many calls, so the cellular side wasn’t exercised much during this time, maybe a couple of 10-minute calls.  Most of the processor and screen usage was due to my ‘Aruba Utilities’ application, which is quite compute-intensive, and exercises the Wi-Fi radio quite substantially.  I set Wi-Fi to ‘always-on’.  The Galaxy Nexus Wi-Fi interface is dual-band but during this period I had it set to 2.4GHz only.  GPS was off.  Cellular interface had 3G and data enabled but I don't have many background apps running, and when I'm at work or at home the phone's on Wi-Fi.

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