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You lost your PSK (PreShareKey) to your wireless network ?

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So you lost your PSK (PreShareKey) to your wireless network and you don't have access to your infrastructure to recover it? I recently received that frantic call from a customer. The only admin who had access to the key recently found employment elsewhere. They also didnt have access to their controllers to quickly gain access to the key. Thats a different matter all together ... 


In the past with older OS’s you had to run special programs or snoop in the registry for the PSK key. Assuming you have admin access to your box you can simply browse to the PSK. 



Windows 7 




OSX Keychain Access




I woud like to ask .. What tools have you used in the past if you or a customer lost the PSK key ? 



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encrypt disable

show running-config | include wpa-


@cappalli  That implying they have not lost the password and enable password of the controller hahaha 

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Yea this is outside of the controller .. General use case in a pinch ..

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I have used this in the past, works on Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 2008. I have not used it in a while.


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In Windows 8 as Admin


netsh wlan

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show profiles name="<Your profile>" key=clear

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