Apple TV discovery over Bluetooth

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So now that we are all over the excitement of the release of iOS 7.1, lets take a moment to review one of the other interesting features that was released in the Apple ecosystem during this time.


Gigabit Wi-Fi Enables Digital Learning Ecosystems

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Paperless classrooms were once more of a dream than a reality. Not anymore. Just listen to how pervasive, reliable and secure Wi-Fi is transforming education at Woodland Joint Unified School District in Woodland, California.


“Five years ago I started attending conferences on technology and was frustrated to see all the things I could accomplish, but was unable to,” says Jerry Delsol, a high school science teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience.


“Now,” he continues, “our district has a robust and reliable wireless network. This has revolutionized my classroom by allowing me to build the digital ecosystem that I’ve envisioned. All of my students are able to participate wirelessly with our district-issued devices as well as their own smartphones, tablets and laptops.”


Skins for ClearPass Guest

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Aruba offers a basic skin service as well as training sessions for customers that have their own web development resources via the SKU: AMG-SKIN-PS. Aruba Professional Services also has an in-house development and creative team that manages custom captive portal projects from start to finish.



Classroom flipping is a hot topic among educators across the country, including at Derby Public Schools in Derby, Kansas. There, modern computing technologies are making flipped classrooms practical.


“I teach a paperless, modified flip class,” reports Laura Hayden, eighth-grade digital studies and yearbook teacher at the Derby Middle School. “It’s essential for my students to get to their online material quickly and our wireless system enables them to do just that. It’s significantly faster than our old wired network.”


Wi-Fi Mobilizes the Common Core

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Springfield’s investment in wireless networking is essential to supporting all 21st Century educational models at the district. This includes the transition to the Common Core State Standards. “Educators and students are becoming more dependent on a wireless network for teaching and learning. So the role of our WLAN is becoming more important every day as teachers increasingly rely on technology to share content, engage their pupils and improve collaboration among students.”


Adding a Lane to Your Wi-Fi Commute

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Have you ever sat in traffic and wished there was another lane? I’ve been making this wish a lot lately, as my commute seems to be getting longer each day. While sitting in traffic this morning I started thinking about what causes traffic congestion and I realized there are a number of parallels between traffic and RF engineering.


Whether you are talking about more cars on the road or more devices on the Wi-Fi network, traffic and RF engineers both need to figure out how to make the best use of a fixed resource.  I’m not sure about the life of a traffic engineer, but the life of an RF engineer got a lot better with the introduction of 802.11ac.


802.11ac brings gigabit speeds to Wi-Fi and doubles the channel width of 802.11n by allowing 80-MHz channels in 5 GHz. By doubling the channel width, you double the speed. Faster speeds mean devices take less airtime to receive the data, so you can support more devices on the network with less congestion.


Aruba maximizes this opportunity by supporting all five 80-MHz channels available in the U.S.  Whether you’re deploying 802.11ac in a large campus or a retail store, the ability to use all five channels reduces the performance-robbing effects of co-channel interference and maximizes channel re-use.


There are actually six 80-MHz channels available, but channels between 116 and 132 are used for weather radar, so the maximum available for Wi-Fi is five 80-MHz channels: 36E (36, 40, 44, 48), 52E (52, 56, 60, 64), 100E (100,104,108,112) and 132E (132,136,140,144) and 149E (149,153,157,161).


11ac cp.png 




I was bit surprised that Cisco only recently started talking about radio management support for 80MHz channels and shocked when I found out that they don’t even support all available channels. I guess they don’t mind sitting in traffic. As you can see below, Cisco does not support 132E, since Channel 144 is missing.


 Cisco traffic.png




By supporting all five 80-MHz channels, Aruba has an immediate 25% performance advantage.


Aruba v Cisco 80MHz Channels.png


The next time you’re stuck in traffic, ask yourself how great life would be with that extra lane.  


New K-12 Models Go Mobile

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iPads2 11.21.12[2].jpegWhat happens if you’re a K-12 educator and your wired devices can’t support your new teaching model? At the Oyster River Cooperative School District in Durham, New Hampshire, you simply go mobile.



802.11 Packet Capture Skillz To Pay The Bills

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Digging deep into the Stefanick archives of real world 802.11 issues. I challenge YOU with 4 real world examples. Keep in mind sometimes the obvious is not so obvious. While frames don’t lie understanding 802.11 is important to see the truth. 


The IT Desk Formula for Microsoft Lync

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People prefer making calls on cell phones. You may also be surprised to learn that water is wet and the Pope is Catholic.


When I ditched my house phone about eight years ago, it was because it rarely rang and when it did it was either an international call from my mother-in-law or a robocaller. Needless to say, I couldn’t ditch it fast enough.


My desk phone at work took a little longer to transition, but now it’s also on the way to becoming a relic of the past. Thankfully, my employer, Aruba Networks, just recently liberated me, removing my desk phone and offering me Microsoft Lync 2013 across all my devices.


Five new Wi-Fi technologies that mimic self-driving cars

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Google Prius.jpg

Living in the Bay Area, it’s not unusual to see Google’s autonomous cars humming along sans driver on the commute to work.  Personally, I cringe at the thought of turning the wheel over to a robot. I’m even holding out on the move to an automatic transmission. But a recent car crash that may (or may not) have resulted from me taking off my car’s traction control had me thinking… robots are probably way better, safer, more law abiding drivers than us feeble humans. And the same can be said of networks. Let's take a look at five new technologies that Aruba is announcing today and how they bring the world of driverless cars to our Wi-Fi.


Budget to Build the Wi-Fi Network of Your Dreams

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My Wi-Fi network at work is a lot like flavor in my food. I don’t enjoy working without solid Wi-Fi just like I don’t enjoy my food without flavor. If I had the means, I would personally fund my workplace Wi-Fi network just like I would spare no cost to eat well. It’s a #GenMobile thing.


Announcing Aruba Solution Exchange v3.1 (Beta)

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The Aruba Networks eSupport team is proud to announce a web-based tool, Aruba Solution Exchange (ASE).  With this tool, you will be able to quickly generate configuration for a variety of use cases.


Where, Oh Where to Use SDN in the Campus

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Software Defined Networks (SDN) has grown out of Internet2, the not-for-profit academic, industry and government community collaborating on next generation networks, to better utilize network resources, offer enhancement of networking technologies and to avoid locking end users into a single vendor’s vision and equipment.  SDN opens up exciting new opportunities for datacenter and campus networks offering the promise of almost infinite flexibility in configuring and managing networks. 


Hear about our new low-cost entry level 802.11n AP that brings dual-radio 2x2:2SS performance at the same cost as the prior generation single-radio AP-92/93. 


The Chameleon WiFi AP virus and you

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Security researchers recently releasd an article titled 'Detectiona nd analysis fo the Chameleon WiFi access point virus' in the EURASIP Journal on Information Security.  The article contains some interesting ideas from a lab environment but does not include realistic attacks that could compromise an Aruba network


Apple TV EAP-PEAP Configuration (Clock Fix)

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Apple TV - PEAP Configuration Step by Step (Clock Fix)


Controller PhoneHome in AOS 6.4

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Wireless networks are mission critical. Ensuring uptime and reliability of this mission critical asset is paramount for customers.  Aruba strives to build best of breed capabilities and deliver a stable hardware and software framework to guarantee high availability infrastructure.


Layer 1 and Layer 2 WiFi Basics

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Preambles, PHY headers, Modulations and Bit Coding! 


Craig Schnarrs' experience at the Wireless Lan Professionals Conference

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I had the pleasure to attend the Wireless Lan Professionals conference 2014 last week. It was a very exciting event that featured presentations  on various  mobility related topics,  a few of my favorites were


Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 2.20.35 PM.png


Outdoor 802.11ac Wi-Fi that goes fast…and looks good while doing it.

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Hear about our latest 802.11ac Gigabit Wi-Fi Access Point for outdoors and how it is a game changer for outdoor wireless with its innovative, attractive and innocuous design that slashes installation complexity.


#GenMobile Twitter Chat, Friday, February 7 at 1pm ET/10 AM PT

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Join us and @IDGTechTalk as we have a Twitter chat about  #GenMobile. On Friday, February 7 at 1pm ET/10 AM PT, we will be discussing enterprise mobility as it relates to “Gen Mobile”. Maribel Lopez (@MaribelLopez) will be joining the discussion as a guest contributor! 


30 Random Technical Thoughts by a WiFi Engineer

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Top 30 Random Technical Thoughts by a WiFi Engineer covering OKC, PHY, Channels, hallway design and MORE! 



#GenMobile at 34,000 ft

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It is amazing to see how mobile apps are changing the way I travel.


Under the Wi-Fi Hood

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Imagine pulling into your driveway in a brand new Jaguar and your neighbor says, "That’s a nice looking Ford Contour." You laugh it off until he explains that the Jaguar X-Type has the same engine and underpinnings as the Ford Contour. That’s right. You’re a victim of badge engineering and some devious marketing practices. 


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What Happens When Cloud Services Expire

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If you’ve read about #GenMobile, then you know that the appetite for connectivity – 69% of younger GenMobile employees want to connect at work via Wi-Fi.  So more than ever, business continuity relies on your Wi-Fi network being “always on.”


That’s why Aruba networks has ensured that even when our Aruba Central management service isn’t available, you can still run and manage your network.  If your WAN link goes down, or if your subscription expires, your Aruba access points still operate perfectly, and you retain network monitoring and configuration.


#GenMobile Has Entered the Workforce

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Aruba Networks recently commissioned the #GenMobile study to measure how mobile devices have changed our behavior. Our objective was to use this data to define what Aruba's typical customer, the enterprise IT manager, should be doing differently with #GenMobile in the workplace.


We got inspired and are pleased to announce March 2014 as the Month of Mobility. Our goal is to raise awareness within the Airheads Community about the skills and steps needed to support #GenMobile in the workplace.


Screenshot 2014-01-15 20.05.12.png


Know When It's OK To Have a "Plan B"

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Good WLAN environments come from sound methods. But sometimes you have to stretch past your own comfort zone, and be ready for some old-fashioned creativity. I'm not talking about being reckless; accomodating the occasional oddball situation can pay big dividends.


Free Market Radius

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Over the holiday period I helped my mother-in-law setup her new Aruba Gigabit Instant AP. A gift that allows me to stream Premier League soccer matches to my MacBook Air at the same time my kids are streaming videos from Netflix and playing Minecraft.


The installation could not have been easier.  The network consisted of a cable modem, 8-port Gigabit Netgear switch, and the new Aruba Gigabit Instant AP. Three different vendors and everything just worked. How come things aren’t this easy in enterprise networking? 


The industry is full of standards, but multivendor interoperability is always a challenge. This is due in part to a vendor’s ability to extend standards with specific attributes. A vendor’s economic philosophy and willingness to do what’s best for IT also plays a big part.


So when it comes to multivendor interoperability, I’m taking sides with Adam Smith and Vincent de Gournay and embracing free-markets. It’s a far better world for IT without coercive monopolies and markets devoid of competition.


Aruba employs a free-market approach for enterprise mobility and ClearPass is a perfect example. ClearPass offers innovations in policy definition, guest access, device onboarding, and certificate management.


While each innovation is unique, one of the biggest differentiators is its vendor independence. ClearPass can be deployed with any vendor’s wired, wireless or VPN products.


With over 100 built-in RADIUS dictionaries to support different vendor products, ClearPass eliminates the need for lengthy onsite professional services contracts and you don’t need to purchase any additional infrastructure.


Unlike Aruba, Cisco takes a closed-market approach with its Identity Services Engine. This approach is tied to a single-vendor-network philosophy without the necessary market pressures that fuel innovation and keep prices inline.


Cisco will claim it’s open and supports RADIUS, but it offers no built-in dictionaries to support third-party vendors. It also requires additional hardware, commonly referred to as “inline nodes,” if you have any third-party products in your network.


In addition to increasing costs, this introduces yet another layer of complexity in your network that needs to be managed. It’s simply a veiled attempt to lock enterprise IT into one vendor, exercise control over your buying decisions, and sell more networking gear.


And once you’re locked in, you’ll fall prey to the infamous Cisco Customer Loyalty Tax.


Whether you want to simply replace your end-of-life Cisco ACS servers or deploy a policy management system, ask yourself if you’re ready to put free-markets filled with innovation and freedom of choice on ISE. 

6 Things You’ll Love About 802.11ac for Aruba Cloud Wi-Fi

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As a Christmas present,  in December Aruba began shipping new the super-fast 802.11ac access point, the Instant 225. Aside from offering the very latest Wi-Fi standard that gadget geeks seek, here are 6 good reasons why ALL of us should love Aruba’s 802.11ac Cloud Wi-Fi solution, and some competitive test results to boot.


Our WLAN Cheese Will Get Seriously Moved- But When?

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How far wireless networking as come... what was once an add-on to the Ethernet network has matured into the modern super-system. But as Lenny Kravitz sang, "It ain't over until it's over". The evoultion of wireless is far from over, but the heavy stuff on the horizon will have nothing to do with spatial streams or antenna technology. Come, take a walk on the philosophical side with me.


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