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The Wi-Fi industry seems dominated by discussions on the ever-increasing bandwidth capabilities and peak speeds brought with the latest product offerings based on 802.11ac. But while industry marketing touts Gigabit capable peak speeds, the underlying factors affecting WLAN performance have changed little.


It’s funny after being in the network security space for a few years; the holidays are now synonymous with the release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Network Access Control (NAC). You spend the year helping customers, adding to the product and seeking the ultimate recognition for your efforts – a favorable review.


Frequency, Cycle, Wavelength, Amplitude and Phase

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The wirelesssguru goes back to the basics -- RF -- the building blocks of WiFi !



Product security in the wake of Sony

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The Sony security breach has been all over the news lately, and in its wake we’ve been getting a number of security-related questions from our customers. Although there’s been no implication of wireless networks in the Sony breach, Aruba customers are justifiably worried about technology that can link attackers in the parking lot (“car park” for our non-American friends) with their internal LAN. Obviously, no IT product can make the claim of 100% security (and anyone who does should be kicked out the door) but let me at least try to explain how we approach product security at Aruba.


Integrated best-of-breed technology, management and support.  And now best-of-breed financing?  Really? No capital outlay with flexible operating expense options.  Nice to know when technology and financing move so fast in the network world. Only available from Brocade and Aruba.


Great Wi-Fi Starts with Proper Design

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The new Revolution Wi-Fi Capacity Planner provides capacity planning analysis and forecasting in order to properly design Wi-Fi networks to meet growing demands.


Finding Your Wavelength in Wireless: The Advanced Topics

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There are plenty of subspecialties in WLAN, so we’re going to be focusing on three primary that help to set the foundation for others.


Security, Analysis and Design


We are going to be exploring each of these, the applications, and how it’s relevant to the job descriptions under each. I want to demonstrate not just the importance of having expertise in these fields, but how each are used in day-to-day life.  



A few months ago while conducting a site survey the unthinkable happened. That one thing that most survey folks fear the most. The loss of survey data that wasn't backed up. Thankfully only one day's worth of data was lost.


Since then the team has been cloud syncing their survey tablets in-between breaks, lunch and at the end of the day. The stress worrying  about loss of data and organization of files is something we don't think about anymore 




Something else I learned in this new workflow is improved overall visibility and efficiency. The ability to check the progress of a survey while my team is onsite across the country has streamlined communication. The ability to quickly collaborate about issues and problems involving an assessment has saved time. The data files are right there to analyze!


I’ve also seen an improvement in report writing. We can start to cut files and outline the report while the team is still onsite. Ive also been able to catch issues and question specifics before the team leaves. Sharing almost real time data with the customer has also been beneficial. 


Today we leverage AirMagnet and Dropbox. Its changed how we handle site survey files and workflow for the better! 


802.11 MAC Header Breakdown

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George Stefanick takes a closer look at the 802.11 MAC Header. He puts his spin on it while referencing the 802.11-2012 Standard. 


TScreen Shot 2014-12-01 at 1.27.59 PM.pngoday we’re excited to debut ClearPass Exchange Recipes on Airheads Community! You now have a one-stop shop to browse through a multitude of built-in ClearPass Exchange integrations. But that’s not all, we’ve also provided a forum where our Airheads Community user base can share build-your-own REST based ClearPass Exchange integrations.


Are You Ready for Some Wi-Fi?

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What do you get when you take a 1.85 million sq. ft., 70,000 seat NFL stadium and cram it full of screaming fans? An incredibly challenging Wi-Fi environment would be an understatement. It doesn’t even begin to describe what engineers were dealing with when tasked with creating the foundation for the most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL. In order for everything to work, the mobile app, concession ordering system, location services, everything needed to be perfect.


For districts that began weaving Wi-Fi technology into their teaching and learning fabric some years ago, many are finding it’s time to move beyond the goals of 1:1 and BYOD. Such districts are moving toward a personalized learning model, where sophisticated analytics help determine what an individual child needs to be successful and mobility is fundamental to learning.


One district at this juncture is Poway Unified School District in northern San Diego County, California. Spread across 100 square miles, with 39 school buildings and two administrative sites, Poway serves approximately 41,000 students with about 4,000 employees.


Over my career I’ve stumbled upon numerous methods and tools that have been exactly what I needed when I needed it. As is common in our field, I’ve amassed quite the collection of various self-written scripts, freeware programs, $0.99 apps, and documents detailing very specific ways of solving very specific problems which are sprinkled throughout my hard drives. But within the past year or two I’ve run across a few applications that are incredibly well hidden, have helped me out more than once, and I think would be useful in the virtual toolbox of any engineer out there. So today, instead of the lengthy diatribe about the failures of technology X or my love of device Y I tend to write, I present to you these tools. You may or may not know of them but they are built right into your MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones (after a couple downloads and program installations).


New digital learning tools boost student success and empower the next-generation of teachers. But they are only as good as the Wi-Fi infrastructure they run on.


Aruba recently hosted a webinar with industry expert Keith Parsons who explains how to create the perfect Wi-Fi network for one-to-one learning, how many Wi-Fi access points you need in a classroom, and how to choose the right Wi-Fi technologies to meet your needs.


Keith Parsons, Managing Director, CWNE#3 Wireless LAN Professionals, is a gifted presenter with extensive experience designing and installing Wi-Fi in over 2,000 K-12 classrooms.


View the webinar slides and Q&A below. For detailed explanation, check out the on-demand webinar.



We spend a lot of time indoors – particularly in Aruba’s new Portland, Ore. office where outside it’s currently raining! When we do brave the elements for a break, we’ve grown accustomed to using our mobile devices to find a nearby lunch sport or receive directions to a neighborhood store. Until recently, it was challenging to enjoy these location-based services indoors where GPS doesn’t work well. We’ve got an answer for that, Aruba is giving enterprises the tools they need to help us mobile device lovers enjoy those location-based, contextual experiences within public venues. And in a way that’s reduced the potential headaches of the staff who maintain those venues’ technology infrastructures.


Visitor Wi-Fi: WPA2 shared keys redux

by Community Administrator ‎11-19-2014 05:49 PM - edited ‎11-19-2014 05:50 PM

Two months back I posted an article on 4 Ways to Safeguard your Guest Network. While those four suggestions still very much apply, I stated that shared key security on guest networks is ineffective. Fortunately technology is never stagnant and new features frequently address old pain points. So I’m back again with a new alternative.


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 5.08.43 PM.png


How secure is your EAP-PEAPv0 deployment ?

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How secure is your EAP-PEAPv0 deployment ? 


If you answer NO to these .. you should give this a read!


Are you trusting only your enterprise certificates ? 


Are you blocking the certificate trust popup not allowing users to blindly trust rogue radius certifies ? 


In my last post, I wrote about FIPS 140-2 and what it means for products that obtain that validation.  This post will be about the other major security certification:  Common Criteria.  Aruba Mobility Controllers and access points have now completed two different Common Criteria evaluations, and are in the process of a third.  What that means for our customers is that you’re now able to use the latest gigabit Wi-Fi standard (802.11ac) in a completely accredited solution.



Choosing the Right Wi-Fi Solution

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Quakertown Community School District, medium sized suburban K12 located about 1hr north of Philadelphia, had started its 1:1 laptop and BYOD initiative 5 years ago. Our existing wireless infrastructure was put in place slightly prior. It sufficed for the times, however, 5 years into our program we have seen an increase in devices both district-owned and personal. We see an increased use of bandwidth from web resources becoming more and more the norm. Testing is moving from paper to online. Books are moving from traditional bound texts to online e-books. Our current wireless just wasn’t meeting our growing needs so it was time to start evaluating and speaking with vendors and partners.


Last week we touched on some of the key steps to take to get familiar with the WLAN industry. This week is going to be about taking a closer look at the ship and equipment (so to speak). The various pieces of hardware and how it can be used in different scenarios to help the WLAN ship sail. 


Top 5 - Solutions Training Tips

by on ‎11-06-2014 09:00 AM

Recently I sat the Aruba Networks Solution Training class and here are some things I wanted to share.


“It’s a matter of trust” - #AdaptiveTrust Webinar and EMEA Live Tour!

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Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 11.32.27 AM.pngLast week, we were fortunate enough to partner with Mike Raggo, our friend and security evangelist at MobileIron to kickoff our new #AdaptiveTrust tour for ClearPass.


#AdaptiveTrust leverages the rich contextual sharing and policy capabilities of ClearPass to remove blindspots across your network security apparatus, giving you the benefit of a coordinated defense where all security components function as an integrated system....


Exploring the Great Indoors with Aruba Beacons

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Before we start... go ahead and start Google Maps or Apple Maps, whichever is your favorite, on your smartphone. Do you see your glowing blue dot? Everything around you is labeled clearly for you to discover, drawn on a beautiful map. These apps even tell you how long it will take you to walk down to the closest coffee shop. You can literally see yourself moving on the map as the blue dot guides your path. And the crazy thing is we all learned to expect this amazing technology to just always be there. There are high school students who do not know of a world where this glowing blue dot does not exist.


Amazing how quickly these apps have become part of our daily life. During the last several months, we at Aruba tried to improve on the experience and asked ourselves a very simple question: Could we deliver the same experience to every smartphone indoors?


Adaptive Trust Defense for Enterprise Mobility

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What is Adaptive Trust and why do we need it




FIPS... Common Criteria... What Does It All Mean?

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You may have seen Aruba’s recent press release stating that we’re the first vendor to have FIPS-validated and Common Criteria evaluated 802.11ac equipment. If you work in the US or Canadian Federal government, you might already know what this means – it means you now have access to the fastest Wi-Fi technology available today. If you don’t work for the government, this blog post is going to explain why our announcement is still relevant to you.


2.4GHz is Dead! Long Live 2.4GHz!

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This past week on Twitter I witnessed a brief “discussion” between some wireless folks regarding the elimination of 2.4GHz radios in APs and the creation of a 5GHz Wi-Fi utopia. Now I’ve had this conversation many times before and I’ve had neither the popular opinion nor the ability to sway the minds of self-proclaimed saviors of the industry. That’s not to say it’s entirely impossible, it’s just wholly impractical for nearly every enterprise out there and would create more issues than it would solve.


Finding Your Wavelength in Wireless: Get Yer Sealegs

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WOO! Congratulations! You’ve decided to pursue Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi/WLAN) technology as a career.


Now what?


That’s what this series is all about. It’s about getting your “sealegs” in the world of Wi-Fi. There’s a lot out there and so many possible directions it’s easy to get lost, so I thought it best to take a step back and to ask one question at a time.


What do I need to know to “make it” in this field?



Top 5 - SWDI Training Tips

by on ‎10-13-2014 01:17 PM

Recently I had a chance to sit in on the Scalable WLAN Design and Implementation (SWDI) training...


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