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2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Happy 2018 Everyone!


Thank you to ALL of you for making 2017 a great year for the Airheads Community. With all of your collective knowledge and continued support, we were able to grow the Community, solve our peers problems, and we even saved the world from KRACK.


There were several Airheads Community members that stood out in terms of their participation and amount of engagement. We are excited to announce and welcome the 2018 Airheads Community MVPs.


The MVP program exists for one reason: to show appreciation to our most active members for their activity and contributions. To identify those who achieved MVP status, we tally up your number of posts, kudos, and accepted solutions. This makes up your Community MVP score. We use these metrics to determine our MVP rankings for the year. We have 4 different ranks: MVP, MVP Expert, MVP Guru and MVP Guru Elite.


All MVPs please be on the lookout for an email from me so I can get details of where to send an appreciation package.


Without further ado...


Welcome 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

MVP Guru Elite-


MVP Guru -
@Jamie E
@Victor Fabian
@Herman Robers
@Pavan Arshewar


MVP Expert-
@Nitesh Singla
@Vishnu Mannil


@Dobias van Ingen
@René van Dorst
@angel de la encarnacion

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Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Happy to share with the community :)

David Hardaker

Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Happy to share and learn from those here. It is truly a community effort.

Bruce Osborne - Wireless Engineer

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Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Oooh, goodies!! Gief!

Welcome to the club and glad to be included again. Yay us!

Koen (ACMX #351 | ACDX #547 | ACCP)

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Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Congratulations to each and one of you!!!!

Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Congrats guys 

Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Architect @WEI

Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Very excited to have made it into this awesome group!

Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!


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Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

This is indeed an honour.  It is a privilege to contribute in order to help others.


I'm also very grateful to everyone who contributes here as it makes it such a useful resource.



University Information Services
University of Cambridge

Re: 2018 Airheads Community MVPs!

Congrats! :-) I'm always happy to help and share what I've learned and discovered through my "rabbit hole network". I first joined when I was in the help desk and started to participate once/discuss when I moved to the wireless network team.

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