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In a branch deployments need to detect L3 failure when L2 is still up; dynamic routes are taken care by the respective protocols and static routes needs a mechanism to detect the L3 failure and update routing table accordingly. Route Monitoring provides an ability to remove a route based upon probe status. In addition to basic route monitoring feature, it also brings in multiple default gateway support. Route Monitoring enables the MAS to monitor the L3 uplink status using ping probe. 

  • Ping probe destined to a server IP address or hostname is sent on the uplink interface which is under monitoring. 
  • Based on the status of ping reply, probe status of the interface is updated to up or down.
  • Interface probe status is changed from up to down, when there are consecutive unacknowledged pings. 
  • When the probe status of the interface is down, static routes are removed from the routing table for respective interface
  • Interface probe status is changed from down to up when there are acknowledged pings. 
  • When the probe status of the interface is up again, network routes are added back.
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