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3000 Series Licensing

Hello friends,


I'm consider switching from instant to controlled, as we have more than 16 APs and some of them are 93s. I have found some well priced used controllers from different vendors on ebay but can't confirm what some are licensed for.


For clarity, a 3400 controller can come with 0 licensing, rendering it completely usless, or can it still support 64 APs, just with limited features? What licensing would I need to simply use, lets say, 45 APs on one 3400?


Thank you for your time,




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Re: 3000 Series Licensing

You would need AP licenses for basic functionality. For advanced firewall
features, you would need PEF licenses.

Controller licensing uses the lowest license count for limits so if you
have a 64 AP license and 32 PEF, only 32 APs will come up.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
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Re: 3000 Series Licensing

Thanks Tim.


So to clarify, I could have 64 APs up in that scenario if I disabled "advance firewall features"?

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Re: 3000 Series Licensing

You would have to remove the firewall (PEF) license.

Tim Cappalli | Aruba Security
@timcappalli | timcappalli.me | ACMX #367 / ACCX #480

Re: 3000 Series Licensing


The licesnse you purshase depends on what you will use it.

Defenitly you need the AP licesnse


The PENGF license you need it if you using the Firewall on your controller(with the IAP it comes build in and you dont need any licesnse for it but with controllers you do!)


There are other licenses in which you wiill be able to read here:




The other important thing is that i see that you planning on buying a used controller.

On the perspective of a partner which i am i work for a Aruba partner, you will need to change the end user name of that controller.


You also need to check about the support(controller does not have lifetime warranty) so you willl need or at least i recommend you  to purshase the support for it(it will cost you more money depending when did the current owner stop purshasing the support.  Remenber for this you will need to change the ownership of the controller to you!


Does that used controller comes with some licesnses ? or come with none?


remenber  purshase the arubacare for that Controller, and ask them to put it to your name, that the first thing you need to do.  You dont want to be an unlucky one that in like 4 months of use it dies and then you will need to buy a new one :)




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