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651 Controller and Pantech UML290 4G

I know this is fully supported on the RAP-5 now, but has it been added to the 600 series controllers yet?  


I decided to try anyways.   I am running  Controller sees it, but errors with the following:


Created a new cellular profile; using the import of the 290 information.

Attempted to use both the 3G dialer (evdo_us) and some custom 4G ones I made off trying to piece together the Init and Dial strings....but had no luck.  Each time I get:


Error: Timed out sending AT commands. #4


Are there any "immediate" plans to support the UML290 from the 600 series controllers?

Systems Engineer, Northeast USA


Re: 651 Controller and Pantech UML290 4G

Hi Clembo

the 6xx series controllers do not support any of the 4G drivers and hence none of the 4G USB devices at this time.



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