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7010-RW Mobility Controller

Hi All 


I am very new to the Aruba product. 

I bought a APIN215 and after try to get ti to work i figured out i need a controller. I had my eye on a 7010-RW Mobility Controller. The question is does this need a licence to use, is it a once off licence. I am looking at running 2 AP215 only.


What happens if not licence is installed



Re: 7010-RW Mobility Controller

You will need to license the controllers to the capacity of AP's that you require. If the there is no licenses on the controller the AP will not show as "up". 



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Re: 7010-RW Mobility Controller

So to be clear 

to have only 2 AP215 connect to the controler i need to only buy  2x JW472AAE Aruba LIC-AP Controller per AP Capacity License E-LTU licences. 

Or do i need to buy one for the moblity control 7010-RW as well 


How long do the liceences last. 



Re: 7010-RW Mobility Controller

It depends, if you want to do any firewall, user roles etc then a PEF-NG license is a good start too. Also the RF Protect license is good for spectrum monitor and WIPS stuff. You need to make sure that each license level is the same as the controller will support the minimum license count.


So for example


2x AP Capacity


2x RFP


The licenses are permanent and do not expire. The licenses are applied to the controller and not the AP.

You could always request an eval from HPE to trial features first, these are valid for a maximum of 90 days.

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