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Apple Devices and Frequent Disconnects with Client Match/Force 5Ghz

Just wanted to post regarding an issue we had recently with Apple products frequently disconnecting during a high capacity event.  


Symptom was that all apple products (laptops, tables and phones) were experiencing frequent disconnects from the network.  When they were connected, throughput was fine, however, they were not able to stay on the network.  Other devices (Android or Windows) were not experiencing the same problems. 


Our network is configured to use Client Match to assist in moving devices to 5Ghz as Prefered or Forced 5Ghz has issues with Apple products and causes this very problem (frequent disconnects). 


Apparently, this is now a problem with Client Match as well.  To keep people from disconnecting on apple products, I had to disable Client Match, which created another problem of too many devices going onto 2.4Ghz.  


Our only way to resolve this, was to create 2 SSID's using the same VLAN, one broadcasting only on A Band, the other broadcasting only on G band.   With this configuration, there was absolutely no problems with disconnects for Apple devices.


Basically, at this point in time, it appears as though Apple products do not work with any SSID configured to work with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, with any form of setting which attempts to steer the device. 


I have spoken to other admins that have different systems (non-aruba) and they are describing similar problems, so doesn't seem to be something that's occuring only on Aruba.  Also, I hadn't seen this issue before the 10.x iOS update, so wondering if something in 10.x made it so that Client Match stopped working?


With all the issues that seem to pop up regarding iOS updates, we are probably just going to keep the bands seperate with 2 SSID's moving forward, but curious if there might be something that was missed that could have perhaps made it work with them not being seperated.

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Re: Apple Devices and Frequent Disconnects with Client Match/Force 5Ghz

May I know what AOS version you were running?

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Re: Apple Devices and Frequent Disconnects with Client Match/Force 5Ghz

What version of code is a good question. 


If clientmatch is on, band steering at the VAP level is ignored...so "force 5ghz" is not in effect.  Client Match never "forces" any devices....

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