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Aruba 7005 , factory-defaulted and no link on no interfaces ? / preboot cli reset?



wondering about some strange behaviour , not sure if the 7005 is faulty then i RMA it , the 7005 is our demo controller for customers and it's factory default , the CLI setup is working, but after the usual steps (country code, default IP , master , shutdown ports -> no ...) then controller is rebooting as usual and freezing on "reading default config", and nothing happens.


surprisingly a webUI setup is not possible due to no ethernet link at all on no port, normally as usual its in switch-access mode vlan1 and you can access it on as everyone knows.


any ideas during boot-CLI to try some steps there, i never needed the boot-CLI to reflash/recover/etc   a controller.


i expect that this MC is faulty on ethernet ports , besides this could be the reason that no eth is not working cause it's hanging on "reading default config" see screenshot below and so the webUI default web-wizard also not working .

 2015-01-30 09_11_32.png


Re: Aruba 7005 , factory-defaulted and no link on no interfaces ? / preboot cli reset?

Stop the controller before boot and run (here is a good how-to) and format the 0:2

. Power cycle the controller and break into the CPBoot by hitting the enter key on startup (console access).

=> The one with cpboot> as the prompt - so the second one on a 7220.

2. Format Partition 0:2, which is where the configuration file is stored:

cpboot> format 0:2

Format will erase everything on the internal flash's partition 2.

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