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Client refusing to connect to an AP115

We recently upgraded an area to AP115 (from 61's) and since then, we have been getting calls about problems connecting to the wifi.  Strangely, the device seems to connect ok to an AP105, which is in the same APgroup as the 115.


Is there any reason why this may be??  Driving me nuts! 

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Re: Client refusing to connect to an AP115

HI Friend,


Are you trying to test with the same Client ? change the client and see if still the same issue exists, go through the Client-debug and System log messages to understand the issue.


Please feel free for any further clarity on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: Client refusing to connect to an AP115

Any particular device type having trouble?

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Re: Client refusing to connect to an AP115

Strangely, it seems updating the laptops wifi drivers fixed the problem.. which I cant quite get my head around... We seem to have a few others pop up, so Im going to see if updating the drivers does indeed fix the issue.  Seems that the laptops work fine when connecting to 105's!

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