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Controller showing 'Down' in AirWave


Last night I upgraded AirWave from to, and my 3400 Controller from to This morning, the controller is still showing as down, with a configuration status as 'Verifying'. It appears that RAPIDS alerts are being generated, and all APs are up and functioning, but I can't get the Controller out of 'Verifying' status. I did go into the 'Manage' tab and re-enter the SNMP string and the admin passwords just to make sure, but that was a few hours ago. My 'last contact' is also showing from justr a few minutes ago. Anything I can do - not service affecting - to get the controller out of a 'Down' state?





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Re: Controller showing 'Down' in AirWave

I found this in the log if it helps:


Aruba 3400 SPIAARUBA01 Device Monitor: Can't use string ("Mercury::DB::SeasConfig") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at (eval 1458) line 2



shows up 204 times since I upgraded the Controller/AirWave last night. I've verified that the SNMP string is indeed the same on both devices.



Re: Controller showing 'Down' in AirWave

I would open a TAC case, as it looks like you've already tried the correct, normal efforts to resolve.

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Re: Controller showing 'Down' in AirWave

I am hainvg the same exact issue with three 7240s running I know it an early release, but we have to run the code for a specific feature of NAT inside and outside. We notice the issue after the core of our network had a major failure and when it came back up the 7240 where the only things not to recover. Once we got the to show up by doing a switch command with TAC in the DB did the device once again pull. We then later in the month upgraded from to the controller did the same thing. Been on an off with TAC getting logs and DB information. They had us try to load a fresh seas_config table, some other stuff i was paying attention too, and just recently fresh install of Airwave and restore the backup. Needless to say this needs to be id as a bug. Also forgot to mention we start with Airwave and they had us upgrade to As of right now it is just an annoyance to go in and run DB command to force the controller up if we reboot the unit or upgrade.

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