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DHCP on VRRP Master/Master Redundancy


Not quite sure how to search for my question, I'm sure someone has done it before. 


Currently I have a single controller that runs our Two SSIDs. It uses DHCP onboard the controller for the APs, but all VLAN traffic is given DHCP through a Windows DHCP server. 


I want to bring up a VRRP Master/Master but I don't now how DHCP is handled in all of this. 


Is it best practice to keep DHCP on the controllers? Should I move DHCP to the DHCP server? (how would I move it with minimal impact?)

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Re: DHCP on VRRP Master/Master Redundancy

Your problems go away when you move DHCP to an external server.


Move it over the weekend, for the least impact.

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Re: DHCP on VRRP Master/Master Redundancy

Best practice would actually be to not use the controller as the DHCP server. I would use your existing DHCP server. 


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Re: DHCP on VRRP Master/Master Redundancy

Moving the DHCP scope for your AP's would probably be most elegant. Where is the gateway for your AP subnet?

Assuming that the gateway is on your core (not the Aruba controller), simply recreate your AP scope on your server, then add an IP helper to the config for your AP subnet, just like you do for your user VLAN's.

To make the transition more graceful, create the scope, but keep it disabled. During your maintenance window, add the IP helper and activate the new DHCP scope.

Hope this helps!

Jason Wadleigh, Systems Engineer - NYC Metro Region
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Re: DHCP on VRRP Master/Master Redundancy

By definition a DHCP cluster using a VRRP is not running in master/master but in master/backup.

Master/master means DHCP safe failover protocol which is L3 based (routable) and more flexible.



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