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How to: "Export" AP database to Excel

How to export an AP database to Excel.

Log into the CLI of your controller. Issue the command “show ap database”. The output is:Show ap database.PNG


Now copy the output


Show ap database- copy.PNG


Paste the output into a .txt document. Save the document.


ap lits.PNG


Open Excel, navigate to data > from text >and find the .txt file. This will start an import wizard. Sail through the wizard by accepting the default settings. Upon completion of the wizard you will need to place the data or just click “OK”




You are finished.


Finished export.PNG


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Re: How to: "Export" AP database to Excel

You can also do:


show ap database | redirect-output


It is handy for large lists. It creates a text file of the output in the flash.

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Re: How to: "Export" AP database to Excel

if you have airwave better grab a csv file from there.

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