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IAP 205 VS 207


Guys I need to know the main differences between IAP/AP 207 and 205.


As I noticed in the 207, it has a lower price than the 205 knowing that it supports beacons, and has the same specs of the 205 so what could be a valid reason of this?


Also, with the 207 having built-in beacons, does it mean that with the iap 207 in a deployment we now only need battery powered without USB beacons or can we use the aps only with their built-in beacons?


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Re: IAP 205 VS 207

I´m adding a question to this thread, I´m interested in seeing the hardware specs difference between these two models. CPU/Memory for example.



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Re: IAP 205 VS 207

The two main differences are


1. 207 can operate up to 50C vs. 40C on the 205

2. There is a BLE beacon built in.


Yes. You can use the 207 and NOT have to worry about the USB beacons anymore and augment the beacons with the battery powered option. 


As for physical size, they are identical. 

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Re: IAP 205 VS 207


What about the devices density that can connect to the AP

i mean 207 vs 205 which would be recommended for 207 compared to 205?

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Re: IAP 205 VS 207



I found out that the 205 ap has 4 antennas however the 207 has only 2 antennas which implies some differences in the coverage and the numbers of users that each can support.

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Re: IAP 205 VS 207

Does anyone know what the max memory is on the 207 IAP? I can't find this answer anywhere!!

Thanks in advance

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