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List/ count clients by band

Hey guys,


Looking for a way to get a count of how many clients are using the 2.4Ghz band vs. the 5Ghz band in our environment.  Couldn't find anything in the command line reference or the guide.


We are using  (If such a command exists, do we run it on the master or each individual local controller?)


I tried making a report on the master controller but the numbers it spits back for the search criteria don't seem to match up with active clients overall (plus a command line way would be better).




Re: List/ count clients by band

Short answer  


1. Airwave has a stock report and analysis for this :)


Longer answer


2.  From the controller, please issue:  


show user-table phy-type a    (for 5 GHz clients)


show user-table phy-type g    (for 2.4 GHz clients)

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