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Logging level configuration vs severity for a syslog server

Hi, my controller is set with this  configuration:


# show logging level verbose

Facility Level Sub Category Process
-------- ----- ------------ -------
network warnings N/A N/A
security informational N/A N/A
security debugging N/A authmgr
security informational aaa N/A
security debugging dot1x N/A
security warnings ids N/A
security warnings ids-ap N/A
system warnings N/A N/A
user informational N/A N/A
user debugging dot1x N/A
wireless warnings N/A N/A


# show logging server

Remote Server: 172.17.xxx.xx

local-facility severity remote-facility
-------------- -------- ---------------
user warnings local1
security warnings local1


Why my syslog server is receiving logs with the tag <NOTI> if the severity is set for WARN?

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