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MM 8.0.1 - Promiscuous mode

Anyone know if promiscuous mode is necessary for the Mobility Master virtual machine to function? And what would not function properly without it enabled?


My virtual team is hesitant to enable promiscuous mode on all our VM hosts so if I need promiscuous my VM is going to be pinned to a specific host. I'm wondering if i can go without it. One MM, no mobility master redundancy.


Also, anyone know if a destributed switch is supported? The documentation show setup through a standard switch in VMWare.

Re: MM 8.0.1 - Promiscuous mode

The documentation says that a "vSwitch Promiscuous mode enabled" must be used. I do not know the consequences of not doing this though.

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Re: MM 8.0.1 - Promiscuous mode

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