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No Heatmap in VisualRF using

I have added a new floorplan for a new customer, a week ago.


By checking, we still have no Heatmap or CH. Utilization visualized in Visual RF.


We use Airwave Another floorplan does show the Heatmap and CH. Utilization.


What can be wrong?

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Re: No Heatmap in VisualRF using

Hi Christiaan,

What is the Radio status for the APs which are placed on Visualrf? Does it shows "ok" or "error" state?


Could we try to manually poll Airwave database from visualrf using the below URL,




Note: Replace <amp_server_ip> with your Airwave server IP



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Re: No Heatmap in VisualRF using

Try restarting VisualRF to see if it helps.   You can also consider an upgrade AirWave to   The following from the Release Notes could perhaps be something you are seeing:


Symptom: When you deploy an AP in a floor plan, VisualRF doesn't display a heatmap for the AP unless you restart VisualRF.
Scenario: VisualRF automatically refreshes and displays a heatmap for APs added to a floor plan.


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