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Number of users per access point

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One question that i get too often from customer and partners alike is, how many users can connect simultaneously to Aruba Access point (whether instant or CAP, i assume it doesnt make any difference).


This fact in my view usually comes from Ruckus as they boost large number of concurrent users as well as long range.


Do we have any info on that ? how many concurrent users can connect to aruba AP at one time ?

Re: Number of users per access point

theoretically it is 255. that number will depend on the model of AP you use. just recently I've seen 91 users on an IAP-205 in a large coffee chain resto.

again, it depends also what these users are doing, if all 91 were sending/receiving traffic, not sure the 205 would handle that smoothly and probably should be replaced with a 225.

you should be thinking more in terms of what these users will be doing with the Wi-Fi then how many an AP can support, this will determine how many APs you need
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Re: Number of users per access point


This is what I needed to understand. Do we have any document or criteria on which we can define how many users will simultaneously connect ?

Like let's say I am sitting with a customer and based on their requirement, I am pitching IAP-215, and they ask me how many users will it support ? so what I need to do to find that answer ?

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Re: Number of users per access point

Since other brands (Ruckus) are pitching to customer thats they can connect x number of users per AP, what shall be our response.


Do we have any matrix or specs sheet that highlights how many users can connect to a single AP ?


I totally agree with you that this might not be possible because it highly depends on what the user shall be doing but again, for competition, we need to provide this info.


please guide

Re: Number of users per access point

see this thread, i guess it depends on what the customer wants to hear. if they believe the rukus story about x users then they will also believe the 255 per radio one. if they want to actually think about it then they will listen to the full story.



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