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Partner Site quoting tool issue

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Can someone fix this?


On the partner site when you are selecting the new controllers the 7000 series

you get this:


As you see even if you select the power cord or select none if none is requiered... not matter what you pick you get that red alert that says you that you should pick something... and it wont let you quote... you can do update but you still get that alert...

I need to quote with this controller and i cant and well i can quote it individually doing serch and selecting the controller and the support etc etc but thats not the idea...

Also i really don tknow if i do it one by one it will bring me the power cord which i see it uses the same of the RAP 155P.


CAn you guys send this to the correct person in the aruba partner portal support? i really dont know where i need to send this query...

But i woudl appreciate that if i have to do it manually that if i have to pick the power cord individually for this controller specially. As one of the option is powering it up by poe which means no  power cable is required, and thats why im confused if i need to add it or not.




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Re: Partner Site quoting tool issue

I will forward this on. Thanks! 

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