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Possible broken 5ghz radio?

Having some issues with a possible broken radio (issue might be widespread, so I'm trying to diagnosis, rather than just replace).  Anyways, our site has about 20 APs.  We deployed two APs right next to each other.  AP1 doesn't have any users on it, while AP2 has quite a few.  Anyways, if I remove AP2, I expect users to roam over to AP1, but that never happens (APs are provisioned identically.. same model as well).  Looking at things historically, I haven't seen a single user connect on the A radio since July.  Oddly enough, when I do a "show ap arm state ap-name <ap-name> dot11a" on any of the surrounding APs, the suspected broken AP never shows up.  Is this definitive proof that the AP's radio is broken?  Is there anything else I can do?  Unfortunately I haven't been geting much traction with aruba TAC.. figured I'd give this a stab and see if any one has any ideas.

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Re: Possible broken 5ghz radio?


What you could do to test if the radio is bad is to create AP-Specific with a test SSID that is only on that particular AP.


That way you can see if there's any issues tied to that AP

Thank you

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Re: Possible broken 5ghz radio?

Can you share a tech-support report from the problematic AP?


Diagnostics --> Access Point (on left) --> Technical Support --> Choose the AP from teh dropdown and create a name for the file, create the report, and then download it.

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Re: Possible broken 5ghz radio?

Sure, why not.  Attached.



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Re: Possible broken 5ghz radio?

yeelee wrote:

Sure, why not.  Attached.



What access point model is this?  It seems that ARM assignment is set to disabled on the "a" band.  The a band has not changed from channel 149 since December 6th, as a result.

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