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QOS on Voice Vlan without controller

Hello, I have  aruba 315 APs without controllers.


They spread 3 vlans, one corporate, one Internet for visitors, and the idea is a third for VOIP (it would be used with zoiper accounts).


Is there any way to prioritize the voice vlan, over the other 2 with QOS without having a controllersess installed?


How can I give better performance and priority to Voice Vlan?


I have configured the voice vlan declaring it as such when creating the vlan but I do not know if I can do better the operation of the same giving some kind of priority.


Thank you very much and excuse my English.

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Re: QOS on Voice Vlan without controller

When you setup the WLAN set the type to voice and all the traffic will be prioritized.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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