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RAP over unstable network

I recently installed RAP at a new office and unfroutantely the internet connection is not great. Doing a "show crypto isakmp sa" shows connections and hour or two old..

I believe this is the cause of the headache experienced by users, so i did some tweaking to the config with "rap-operation persistent".

Results are it works well when theres an outage, but when the data path comes back, it drops the network for around 10 seconds, then a further 4 seconds.

THe test was by simply pinging

Nothing facy with the setup, it is a simple bridge mode setup.

Example config below - 

aaa profile "rap-default-dot1x-psk"
initial-role "default-iap-user-role"
mac-default-role "logon"
authentication-dot1x "default-psk"
wlan virtual-ap "test-rap"
aaa-profile "rap-default-dot1x-psk"
ssid-profile "test"
forward-mode bridge
wlan ssid-profile "test"
essid "test"
opmode wpa2-psk-aes
a-basic-rates 12 24
a-tx-rates 12 24 36 48 54
g-basic-rates 12 24
g-tx-rates 12 18 24 36 48 54
wmm-vo-dscp "46"
wmm-vi-dscp "40"
wmm-be-dscp "24"
wmm-bk-dscp "8"
local-probe-req-thresh 10
wpa-passphrase ########
max-tx-fail 3000
g-beacon-rate 24
a-beacon-rate 24
ap-group "Office"
virtual-ap "test-rap"


Is futher tweaking possible to minimise outage to end users?


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Re: RAP over unstable network

Fixed this issue.

Basically applied the following - 


ap system-profile "rap"
 bootstrap-threshold 30
ap-group "Office"
 ap-system-profile "rap"
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Re: RAP over unstable network

By default a RAPs bootstrap threshold *should be* 30 regardless of what is in the ap system profile.

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