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Reset 650

How do I reset a 650 if I have no access to the Web GUI but I do have phyical access.

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Re: Reset 650

Do the following from the console to recover the admin pwd:

User: password
Password: forgetme!
(650) >enable
Password: enable
(650) #configure terminal
(650) (config) #mgmt-user admin root
Re-Type password:
Thank you

Victor Fabian
Lead Mobility Engineer @ Integration Partners
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Re: Reset 650

I am not on site, I am going to need a user reset the device.  This there a button or something to reset the device?

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Re: Reset 650

There is no button.  I would have them hook up a laptop to the console port and take it from there.

Colin Joseph
Aruba Customer Engineering

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Re: Reset 650

If you enable SSH access on the controller, just access it using terminal console. 

Or do as cjoseph says, using serial.


For reset procedure :

- Login 

- Enable

# write erase 

# write erase all

# reload


Issuing the write erase command on a controller running software licenses does not affect the license key
management database on the controller.
Issuing the write erase all command resets the controller to factory defaults, and deletes all databases on
the controller including the license key management database. You must reinstall all previously-installed
license keys.

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